tokyo quest

.our wandering romance is the heartbeat of my existence.

Month: March, 2011

.the night my brothers & sisters came home to sleep beside me.

an unfathomable sight.

i am hiding under a periwinkle blue blanket.
watching as the angels begin falling from the clouds.
the blinking lights of the stars lighting their way.
the fall will not last long & the impact may cripple their bodies.

an unfathomable sight.

imagine the skies truly falling.
imagine the heavens rejecting these creatures.
imagine their wings in the wind.

an unfathomable sight.

i listen to them weeping with sounds i have never heard & cannot describe to you.
even now, the blazing flickering magic of their crying unravels my organs & un-thinks my thoughts.
i can see them clearly now as they reach out clawing at thin air; desperate.
O desperate indeed. simply to crawl back home to the foot of their beds.

an unfathomable sight.

all is quiet on the streets.
no one is awake but me.
no one saw them but me.
no one loved them but me.
no one can see them even now – no one but me.
they lye silent & broken.
spread thin across rooftops & roads.

an unfathomable sight.

i sit in awe for a moment or two.
who knows precisely how long exactly.
my eyes are drawn to a single angel.
she is the most darling being my eyes have ever beheld.
i know that this is to be the first & last time i am ever to take sight of her.
i wonder: what was her name? why did she fall?
who expelled her from that place? are we next?
i close my eyes & fall into a deep slumber.
i dream of the fallen angels; my brothers & sisters.
i am forever sorry that you were forgotten by love.
i will not be He; the one to forget you.
O what a night – in this – the city of lost souls.

an unfathomable sight.

.see children, the shadow’s unravelings.

wicked love of tyrant aching.
blanketing stars in the midnight across our sea.
you might as well stay in paris.
i will carve our names in this sand.
it is there that you shall know where to find me.
so swells the sea; my magnetic magical mother.
i will sing softly in the basement.
as the monster makes birth between your hands.
i am compelled by your love, little girl.

mighty stone sits waiting.
cellar door propped open.
moaning glaze over her eyes.

train blowing steam from our balcony.

mother. sinner. barmaid.
hypocrite. charmer. gypsy.

single touch & the screen goes black.

we will never see the coming attractions.
not if we are making love between the seats.
do not pretend. do not play shy.
everything you are waiting for is already happening here.
innocent sex. careless innuendo.
this is the hour. this is the time before now.
& all that remains is a foolish thought.

.no angels here, my love.

men clutching to daughters hanging nude from old chicken string.
his Holocaust grin sinking & sneering.
his busted jaw wired shut like an animal.
in the muck & the mire, he was musty, pacing.
my eyes; a plot of land where only seasonal larks gather.
i saw the devil in the mirror & wept – for I was an angel then.
even the mumbling, cowardly crows refused me.
i was dancing in the sand storm & eating rotten fruit from fallen trees.
under the moon, the prophets whispered, consuming the sound of silence.
the broken tambourine whistled brightly & out of tune.
all was remade anew within a ruby-wound octagon.

our revolution has made its way to the shore.

our turn on the gears has finally arrived.

it has already begun.

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