.see children, the shadow’s unravelings.

by cheshire hollows

wicked love of tyrant aching.
blanketing stars in the midnight across our sea.
you might as well stay in paris.
i will carve our names in this sand.
it is there that you shall know where to find me.
so swells the sea; my magnetic magical mother.
i will sing softly in the basement.
as the monster makes birth between your hands.
i am compelled by your love, little girl.

mighty stone sits waiting.
cellar door propped open.
moaning glaze over her eyes.

train blowing steam from our balcony.

mother. sinner. barmaid.
hypocrite. charmer. gypsy.

single touch & the screen goes black.

we will never see the coming attractions.
not if we are making love between the seats.
do not pretend. do not play shy.
everything you are waiting for is already happening here.
innocent sex. careless innuendo.
this is the hour. this is the time before now.
& all that remains is a foolish thought.