.tiliana the beautiful.

& i shall not make the same mistake twice.

i listen as the waves crack the walls of my tin hut.
i am merely tapping away at the keys on an old typewriter.
i remain slow in my draw; the last pleasantry to go.

subtle yet charismatic. silly boys. silly girls.

like a juggernaut, i defile the city & raise my hand to its lip.
i fashion the red rocks & the seas among those left milling.
what is this? this labyrinth monument; debris of an enlightened empire.
O how i ache to watch it; the lighthouse. burn up the sky, worthy lovers.

i am forever present.
i will never grow old.
i am relative to it all.

shame on those who will forget my name.

come then. go now. it is true what they say.
i ran & stole the right hands of the almighty gods.
for truth, in the time before man, i was king.

shame on those who will forget my name.

then came her vengeance wild with a stalk of her pressing.
cloaked in the dress of a martyr upon her glorious wings.
she claimed my hand; a symbol of her glory & conquest.
precious love of a world whose existence you cannot fathom.

goddess, make of my broken body your brilliant playground.
goddess, i will worship the perfect sin between your thighs.
goddess, i beg of your sweetness & taste your filthy tongue.

i sleep to dream of you in your skin.
i wake to drink your sweat & tears.

we fuck soullessly, yes, & we make love – but only to hear our hearts beating.

shame on those who will forget your name.

& i shall not make the same mistake twice.