tokyo quest

.our wandering romance is the heartbeat of my existence.

Month: May, 2011

.the earth truthed only green.

this will not be over quickly.
you will not forget my name.
the stains of dehydration & ambivalence will not be erased over time.
we are paused in a cycle of affinity.
still, they shall all cry “Havoc!” & we shall bare the mark.

the summoning of the gods.

let all who are illiterate come to read.
let all who are deaf & dumb come to hear & know.

twas a time i saw you cast a fiery stone into a sea of plastic purple clouds.
opening the center of your eyes, breathing ice & song.

there the stone stayed until the end of the second age of the world.

afterward, we became stars & burned out in the sky until we met right here.
in this very desert, we sat quietly by an imaginary sailboat.

mysteriously stranded beside us. we plucked at its oval-shaped mind.
striking light at its cover’s worriment.

never have i, O sky, seen you ablaze such as this.
cracking & crying beyond the green nothing.
the girl with the dark eyes spoke “my eyes are open.”
barking & yelping at clouds resembling devil’s claws.

mother earth is wailing in hell fury.
a paranoid wind of an unholy deity.

no hope at the helm. the boat born to sink.
that soft voice lingers on crying “i am only alive to die.”
what dawn is come whence biblical storm lye at eternal rest?
O trumpet, sound & hail onward; the calling.

this is stone. this is war. this is ending infinite.

slow passing, still. mindless chatterings of sweet apple pie.
our country & countrymen … & the world’s ending.

“i made you.” he said to me.

“& now the time has come for me to unmake what i have done.”

i never thought i would see this night. i never thought they would come.
i never believed it possible … the sky from lightness to darkness.

sleeping giants, aqua, & hypnotists consuming everything.

the rain never stopped. the seas swallowed all.
we buried our heads in the salt & the sand.
certain the end would avoid us – pass us over.
i held your hands across the Great Planet. i listened to your weeping.
i whispered sweetly & gently under the bohemian colossus.

make your peace with the earth tonight. tomorrow will not be.

& we will never be here again.

.o i am no prophet.

we must peek under the rock & hide deep below the sea.
we must topple the quiet blinkings & buzz softly among neons.
we must eat of their flesh & drink of their blood before it is all gone.
we must creep quietly into heaven & barge wildly into hell.
we mustn’t make a sound or we shall wake the sleeping giants.

i am no prophet.

tall stands the titan.

long comes the fall.

i am no prophet.

is it so odd to believe in that which is unbelievable?

is it so strange to imagine that which is unimaginable?

is it so sad to weep over the passing of that which never lived?

is it madness?
is it madness?
is it madness? repeat in lunacy.. repeat in lunacy.. repeat in lunacy..

truths unTrue.
truths unTrue.
truths unTrue.

she is still so willingly present.

naked & vulgar inside my mouth.

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