by cheshire hollows

it was as if i had been reborn into a land of dreams.
i woke only to the death-like slumber of others.
the heat circling around me drew my body cold.
there i wandered about, crossing over motionless frames.
all of them full of rest & dreaming. still, i wondered.
what put such animated creatures in this state of non-waking?

i pondered the ideas that crept malevolently into my written dawn.

with steps like the beating heart of a baby mouse.
i made my way through the dark, & then the light.
charming the earth ‘neath my feet, made evermore cleverer, each step taken.

haunted by memories of all that hides in the shadows nearer to that place of fire.
sweet doom coaxing me farther than ever i had traveled in those ages before tonight.
blanket me in your mighty bed, adorned with sleepless woe of now & forevermore.
from you I cannot possibly escape. is all that i am, the mystery of what lies are told?

teeth so deep into my back, i feel the dirt between their curves.
shame on you, coming forth to this place of lament & mourning in vain.

to sleep once is to sleep for always.
to dream is to rebel & pulse all alone.
a fitting end to an abrupt beginning.