.pornographic paranoia of an egotist.

by cheshire hollows

heart-beating, lip-chasing, ill-minding, tea-pot-drinking free-wheelers

licking pornographic mouths & swallowing sleeping pills

all i can do is crawl into an empty corner full of space, fed full of nothing, & fall fast asleep

to the blossoming tune of a subway-brass-symphony gnawing paranoid in the room beside mine

the erasings of illegal drugs are the only symptoms & diseases i have left

so sick am i – poisoned by mad love

supernovas forming above blind old men reaching, clawing, & whistling for your favors

young innocents stripping down to bare skin & promiscuity

harping outside of the kaleidoscope theaters & haunting the very air they breathe

i stare out at the gods on 100 & 21st street as they vomit marbles & heroin needles

into the happy, horny laps of pricksters & pranksters

harlot. gambler. sinner. ——- O Holy, once you were my Queen

O mad love, burn me down, pull the curtain ’round, & play my tiny tune, big orchestra

i want to drum on like a wicked snake in the grass; silent – though, still marking the earth – sun go out

i want to steal sailboats & rickshaws, passing time away in haze & fog

nothing but treasures & sins – PRIDE – to bleed dry this lonesome howling motherless child

so sick am i – poisoned by mad love